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Assemblymember Ward Joint-Authors Bill to Repeal Income-Based Fixed Charge for Utility Rates

For immediate release:
Repeal AB 205 Press Conference

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – This morning, Assemblymember Chris Ward joined a group of legislators to announce Assembly Bill 1999 to repeal portions of Assembly Bill 205 passed in 2023. The bill would specifically strike out language which set in motion the income-based fixed charge currently under study by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), potentially resulting in much higher energy bills for Californians. 

“Throughout the fall recess period, I repeatedly heard from a wide group of my constituents their concerns about AB 205 and other issues that are contributing to unfair costs and rates.” said Assemblymember Ward (D-San Diego). “While I believe this issue and the solutions are complex, AB 1999 is a first step in the right direction to deliver relief to working families and middle-income Californians.”

During his first month back at the State Capitol, Assemblymember Ward took part in several meetings with his colleagues and subject matter experts to discuss the parameters authorized by AB 205. Some of the concerns he expressed included how the legislation could create more administrative expenses, leave uncertain how an income-based structure could be securely implemented, threaten our struggling solar industry, and reduce incentives to conserve power. 

AB 1999 will first be heard in the Assembly Utility and Energy Committee in spring.