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2021 Legislative Accomplishments


AB 218 - Change of gender and sex identifier: Enables transgender Californians to update their marriage certificates and birth certificates of their children to accurately reflect their legal name and gender, while still protecting their privacy. (Chapter 577, Statutes of 2021)

AB 223 – Dudleya: Makes it unlawful to uproot, remove, harvest, cut, or otherwise take dudleya from its natural habitat on land owned by the state or local government or on property that is not one’s own. It also makes it unlawful to sell or possess with the intent to sell any dudleya illegally taken from its natural habitat and establishes penalties. (Chapter 370, Statutes of 2021.)

AB 302 - San Diego Metropolitan Transit Development Board: Allows the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System to enter into contracts to regulate for-hire vehicle transportation services for the County of San Diego and any City within the County of San Diego. (Chapter 89, Statutes of 2021.)

AB 340 - Golden State Scholarshare Trust: Amends California law to conform to federal law and permit taxpayers to benefit from the recently approved provisions in the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019. Californians with ScholarShare and 529 savings accounts would be allowed to utilize these funds to pay student loan debt and expenses related to qualified apprenticeship programs, in addition to the other qualified education expenses already allowed under state law. (Chapter 557, Statutes of 2021.)

AB 491 - Housing: affordable and market rate units: Eliminates discrimination in the planning and design of mixed-income multifamily structures and developments, ensuring the residents of affordable housing units have the same access to common entrances, areas, and amenities as the occupants of market-rate units. (Chapter 345, Statutes of 2021.)

AB 514 - Injunctions: distribution of sexually explicit materials: Amends the Code of Civil Procedure commonly known as the “revenge pornography” statute to ensure victims are not forced to pay a bond for a wrongdoer to cease distribution of the “revenge pornography” materials. It would also clarify that a person who redistributes such material is held accountable, if that person knows or should know the victim in the material has an expectation of privacy. (Chapter 518, Statutes of 2021.)

ACR 53 - Purple Star School Program: Urges the California State Board of Education to establish and manage a nonmonetary Purple Star Schools Award Program to acknowledge public schools that demonstrate excellence in developing best practice procedures to facilitate the integration and academic success of military school-age students in public schools. (Res. Chapter 57, Statutes of 2021.)


  • $2.5 million to the City of San Diego for renovation of the Billy Jean King Tennis Courts.
  • $35 million to the University of California, San Diego, Scripps California Hybrid Research Vessel.
  • $3.7 million to the City of San Diego for building restoration of Casa del Prada.
  • $8.4 million to the City of San Diego for restoration of Ocean Beach Pier.
  • $500,000 to Feeding San Diego Food Bank.
  • $500,000 to the City of Imperial Beach for upgrades to Veterans Park.
  • $750,000 to the City of San Diego for the design, construction, or replacement of playground shade structures at JFK Park, Robb Field, and Mission Trails Regional Park.
  • $1,200,000 to the City of San Diego for pedestrian, public space and storm water facility improvements to the Normal Street/Pride Plaza.