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2023 Legislative Bill Package


AB 2 (Solar Recycling Program): Establishes a statewide solar panel end-of-life program to recycle raw materials and other valuable components into new solar panels, reducing the environmental impact of solar power waste. 

AB 30 (Atmospheric Rivers): Broadens the atmospheric river program administered through the Department of Water Resources to link reservoir and flood control operations with best practices in prediction modeling to optimize water management, increase storage, and reduce flood risk.  

AB 1238 (Solar Panel Alternative Management Standards): Requires the Department of Toxic Substances Control to develop alternate management standards for recycling solar panel waste to reduce regulatory and financial burdens without compromising environmental or worker safety.


AB 68 (The Housing and Climate Solutions Act): Adds provisions to state law to streamline sustainable development of homes near jobs, schools, transit, and other resources while balancing areas of the state which are more appropriate for low density development to minimize traffic and infrastructure pressures contributing to climate and quality of life impacts.

AB 84 (Property Tax Welfare Exemption): Allows property owners to receive the welfare property tax exemption at the time of purchase for land developed and used for low-income housing beginning in the 2024-25 fiscal year, saving affordable housing financing costs up front. 

AB 515 (California Department of Housing and Community Development Loans): Allows refinancing or sales of the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) financed projects to deploy loan repayments into affordable housing opportunities without compromising the project’s long-term affordability requirements.

AB 671 (CalHome Accessory Dwelling Units): Requires the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to allow a community land trust to purchase residential property and construct accessory dwelling units to provide more affordable housing properties in perpetuity. 


AB 312 (State Partnership for Affordable Housing Registries in California (SPAHRC) Program - Reyes and Ward): Will establish a housing data platform to connect renters and their families to deed-restricted affordable housing units they qualify for.

AB 799 (Homelessness Accountability and Results Act - L. Rivas and Ward): Sets consequences for failing to meet goals, including the potential for HHAP funds to be reallocated to another entity within the same region, and streamlines administrative burdens on local systems while ensuring that more detailed information is made public to improve transparency and oversight.

AB 1316 (Emergency Services: Psychiatric Emergency Medical Conditions - Irwin and Ward): Would ensure that Medi-Cal managed care plans reimburse hospitals for care and referrals provided after normal business hours to people experiencing a mental health crisis.


AB 78 (Grand Juries): Amends statutory requirements to include gender, age, and race and ethnicity for empaneling judges to improve diversity within the grand jury selection process. Improves outreach to general public about how to serve on a grand jury, and adjusts the compensation to reflect current rates, helping to attract a more diverse pool of candidates.

AB 223 (Transgender Youth Privacy Act): Requires any petition for a change of gender or sex identifier filed by a minor to be automatically sealed to protect their privacy. Prevents online discovery of documents leading to "outing" and harassment. This bill does not change parent authorization being required for changing vital records for those under 18 years of age unless a court has emancipated them. 


AB 275 (Student School Board Member Compensation): Authorizes a county board of education or school district governing board to provide a pupil financial compensation for serving as a student school board member, currently prohibited by law. 

AB 599 (School Substance Use Zero Tolerance Policies): Allows teachers and administrators to take a public health approach to substance use addiction by adopting a plan for students who are found to simply possess a drug or paraphernalia on campus, while collaborating with local community-based organizations, educational agencies, and treatment providers.

AB 634 (Career Development and College Preparation Courses): Requires the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges to conduct career development and college preparation courses by positive attendance count or on a census date basis.


AB 251 (Vehicle Weight Safety Study): Directs the California Transportation Commission to study the relationship between vehicle weight and injuries to vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists, as well as the costs and benefits of imposing a passenger vehicle weight fee. 

AB 361 (Bicycle Lane Cameras): Establishes a pilot program to implement bicycle lane cameras in select cities to improve public safety by enforcing existing parking and bike lane protection laws. 


AB 302 (Automated Decision-Making Systems Inventory Act): Ensures government transparency around state use of automated decision-making systems that may be using artificial intelligence or algorithms to facilitate decisions on public benefits by requiring the Department of Technology to conduct a comprehensive inventory of the technology and be transparent with their findings.