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2022 Legislative Accomplishments


AB 2559 (Reusable Screening Reports): Standardizes reusable screening reports and allow landlords to accept them from rental applicants. Prospective tenants would be able to use the report as many times as needed, within a 30-day period, for a single fee paid by the applicant to a third-party company that provides the service. 

AB 1719 (Community College Housing): Allows community college districts the ability to manage affordable housing units for students and staff and the opportunity to apply for the necessary tax credits.

AB 1978 (Homelessness Funding): Requires the California Department of Housing and Community Development to adopt policies that effectively and efficiently allocate housing and homelessness funds to local jurisdictions.


AB 2316 (Community Solar + Storage): Establishes a statewide “community solar and storage” program to allow renters, business owners and others who are unable to access the benefits of rooftop solar technology to subscribe and receive a credit on their utility bill based on the value of the renewable energy resource.


AB 1833 (Public Contracting): Aligns San Diego County public transportation agencies contracting bid thresholds with Federal Transit Administration guidelines.

AB 2367 (Sustainable Communities Strategy): Provides statutory clarity and authorization for the San Diego Association of Governments to implement critical aspects of its Sustainable Communities Strategy in accordance with state mandates and the organization's 2021 Regional Plan.


AB 421 (Transgender Birth and Marriage Certificates): Signed into law on June 23, 2022. Aligns the process of updating transgender marriage certificates and the birth certificates of their children with the process already in place for updating their own birth certificate, protecting their privacy and wellbeing. 

AB 1860 (Substance Use Disorder Counselors): Helps increase the substance use disorder counselor workforce by removing the requirement that graduate student interns complete supervised hours with a certifying organization.

AB 2194 (Culturally Competent Care): Ensures pharmacists and pharmacy technicians receive at least one hour of training during the licensing process to be able to better serve LGBTQ+ patients. 


AB 1594 (Firearms - Civil Suits): Allows individuals and the California Attorney General to sue manufacturers and sellers of firearms for the harm caused by their product. 

AB 311 (Ghost Guns): Prohibits the sale of ghost guns at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.


AB 1775 (Stagehand Safety): Sets an industry-wide health and safety standard for staging and live events at state properties.