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Assemblymember Ward Introduces the Protect and Retain the Majority Vote Act

For immediate release:

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – Currently, under California law, any ballot measure approved by a majority of voters can selectively require a future measure to pass with a supermajority of the vote. Assemblymember Chris Ward has introduced Assembly Constitution Amendment (ACA) 13 to ensure a simple majority vote remains the threshold for a measure to pass, while also requiring any statewide initiative seeking to increase a threshold to also be approved by the same higher threshold it is proposing.

“This is a common sense measure that protects the majority vote for state initiatives,” said Assemblymember Ward (D-San Diego). “Any measure that imposes a two-thirds supermajority vote threshold should also have to pass with a two-thirds vote.”

The Protect and Retain the Majority Vote Act will also preserve the right of local government to place advisory questions on the ballot to ask voters their opinions on various issues. Cities and counties often place non-binding advisory measures on the ballot to allow voters to weigh in. ACA 13 will protect this critical tool so voters can continue to advise their local elected officials through advisory questions. 

“ACA 13 is about fairness. Wealthy corporations should be held to the same requirements they want to impose on California voters,” Speaker of the Assembly Robert Rivas said. “This important bill stops an unfair double standard. And it protects the majority vote, ensuring Californians will always be heard at the ballot box.”

“SEIU members are stepping up to protect one of the most sacred principles of our democracy, majority rule,” said Tia Orr, Executive Director of SEIU California. “Measures to increase voter thresholds in California are inseparable from anti-democratic efforts nationwide to take away our freedoms such as abortion access and to prevent progress. We urge California’s legislators to join workers in supporting ACA 13 and to protect the democratic principle of 'one person, one vote.”

“ACA 13 is a fair measure that protects the principles of democracy and majority rule,” said Carolyn Coleman, Executive Director and CEO of the League of California Cities. “Cities want to ensure communities can follow through on their commitments to the majority of voters and deliver critically important services to their residents.”