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Ward Bill to Prohibit the Sale of Ghost Gun Kits Passes Assembly

For immediate release:

(SACRAMENTO, CA) — To address the growing concern of firearm precursor parts, also known as ghost gun kits, Assemblymember Chris Ward's AB 311 passed in the Assembly. The bill would prohibit the sale of ghost guns at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. 

"Californians should have the ability to legally own firearms," said Assemblyman Ward (D-San Diego). "However, the proliferation and use of ghost guns bypass common sense policies created to protect our communities from senseless gun violence. Ghost guns, unregulated and without serial numbers, undermine law enforcement's ability to solve crimes and threaten the safety of the public. I look forward to championing this bill throughout the legislative process."

In 2019, AB 893 prohibited the sale of firearms and ammunition at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, but the legislation did not specify precursor parts. Ghost guns that have no serial numbers are untraceable by law enforcement. As it stands, gun traffickers can purchase parts and kits to build weapons without serial numbers, which can then be easily diverted into the criminal market and leave law enforcement with no way to trace their origin.