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Bill to Extend Provisions to Develop Middle-Income Housing Projects Passes Assembly Housing Committee

For immediate release:

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – Today the Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Development unanimously passed Assembly Bill (AB) 482 to extend existing authorization for housing authorities in jurisdictions, such as the City of San Diego, for the implementation of a pilot program to develop and finance middle-income housing projects until January 1, 2026.

“The statewide housing crisis affects Californians at all income levels,” said Assemblymember Ward. “This measure promotes housing investments to meet the needs of working and middle class families. A housing project in the San Diego Hillcrest community was successful because of the provisions enacted in an earlier measure, but additional time is needed to fully understand the value of the statute.”

In 2017, former Governor Brown signed into law AB 1637 (Chapter 801, Statutes of 2017), which created the middle-income pilot program. Under this program, certain local housing authorities are authorized to provide gap financing to develop housing projects in which at least 40 percent of the units are reserved for low-income individuals and a minimum of 10 percent are available to middle-income households.

“For years California has been unable to produce enough housing to meet the needs of its growing population. Almost entirely missing from new development is housing stock aimed at the entry-level market. I thank Assemblymember Ward for his leadership in authoring AB 482 to help spur the production of middle-income housing. In order to fill the missing middle, this bill provides San Diego and other regions with the tool it needs to incentivize the development of housing stock that can meet the needs of our working families and middle class."

Currently the City of San Diego and the counties of San Bernardino and Santa Clara are the only jurisdictions able to use the middle-income pilot program. Extending the sunset date on this measure will enable the pilot program to continue an additional four years.

For questions on AB 482, or to schedule an interview with Assemblymember Ward, contact Ansermio Estrada.

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