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AB 311 to Prohibit the Sale of Ghost Gun Kits At Gun Shows across California

For immediate release:

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – This week, Assemblymember Christopher Ward (D-San Diego) introduced new legislation, Assembly Bill 311, to prohibit the sale and purchase of firearm precursor parts – otherwise known as ghost gun kits – at California gun shows.

“Ghost gun kits can be easily sold and assembled into illegal, deadly, untraceable assault weapons,” said Assemblymember Ward. “While Californians have the ability to lawfully own firearms, ghost guns can bypass common sense policies created to protect our communities from senseless gun violence. AB 311 will address growing concerns over the availability of these firearms by prohibiting their sale at guns shows.”

Ghost guns have no serial numbers and are untraceable by law enforcement. As it stands, gun traffickers can purchase parts and kits to build unserialized firearms, which can then be easily diverted into the criminal market and leave law enforcement with no way to trace their origin.

Due to their anonymity, law enforcement finds ghost guns are frequently used to commit egregious crimes. In 2019, an AR-15 type ghost gun was used to murder a Riverside California Highway Patrol Officer while in the line of duty.

California has consistently led the nation in enacting comprehensive, evidence-based gun violence prevention laws – which is why this bill is so important," shared Brady California Legislative Chair Amanda Wilcox. "Ghost Guns undermine almost every gun law on the books because they are unregulated and unserialized. The sale of ghost gun kits at gun shows across the state allows the unmitigated flow of these firearms into communities all over the state, threatening public safety and obstructing the ability of law enforcement to solve crimes. Brady is grateful to Assemblymember Ward for introducing this bill and urges the California Legislators to show their strong support.”

For questions on AB 311, or to schedule an interview with Assemblymember Ward, contact Ansermio Estrada.

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