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2023 District Survey

Bill Summaries


Senate Bill 487 would shield abortion providers from civil actions from other states where abortion is illegal. 


Assembly Bill 8 would make ticket pricing more transparent. 

Assembly Bill 524 would prohibit discrimination against employees based on their status as a family caregiver. 


ACA 4 would allow incarcerated prisoners to vote in state elections. 

AB 28 would create an excise tax on guns to fund violence prevention. 

AB 474 would prioritize cooperation between state and local law enforcement to crack down on fentanyl trafficking. SB 19 would create an anti-fentanyl abuse task force. 


SB 58 would decriminalize psychedelic drugs. 


AB 464 would allow homeless individuals to get identification records. 

SB 43 would expand the definition of gravely disabled” to allow more people to be admitted into mental health conservatorships. 


AB 247 would put a $14 billion bond measure for construction at K-12 schools and community colleges on the 2024 ballot. 

AB 659 would recommend that K-12 students and college students be vaccinated against the human papillomavirus virus (HPV). 

SB 596 would make it a misdemeanor to threaten or harass school employees outside work. 


SB 497 would protect workers who report labor violations from being fired, bullied or harassed. 


SB 253 The Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act – would mandate businesses with revenues in excess of $1 billion to be transparent about their carbon footprint and emissions.