State Resolution by Gloria to Have California Endorse Green New Deal Approved in Assembly

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Gloria Advances Resolution for CA to Support Climate Change, Economic Justice Policies Found in Green New Deal

SACRAMENTO, CA – A state resolution authored by California State Assemblymember Todd Gloria (D-San Diego) to signal California’s support for the climate change, environmental, and economic justice policies found in House Resolution 109 – commonly known as the Green New Deal – passed the Assembly today and is on its way to the State Senate. Assemblymember Gloria secured the passage of Assembly Joint Resolution 7 (AJR 7) on the Assembly Floor with a vote of 47 to 14.

The Green New Deal sets a vision for what we must do for our future. Climate change is a global emergency and an existential threat, and we have to treat it that way,” said Assemblymember Todd Gloria. “AJR 7 would signal California’s support for the policies found in the Green New Deal – much of which, California is already leading the way on. Now, we believe it’s time for Washington to take a stand and adopt those same policies.”

Specifically, AJR 7 urges the U.S. Congress to:

“…adopt climate policies, including those that might be adopted under the Green New Deal, that build upon California’s programs that have reduced greenhouse gas emissions while improving air and water quality, create new green jobs, and improve disadvantaged communities…”

The Green New Deal represents the first major piece of climate legislation under consideration by federal legislators in almost ten years. At its core, it asks the federal government to treat climate change like the national emergency it is and create innovative policies and programs capable of lowering emissions and improving public health while creating economic development that is more equitable and just.

With today’s approval from the Assembly, AJR 7 will now head to the State Senate. The full text of AJR 7 can be found here.