Governor Signs Legislation to Bring Relief to Contamination of the Tijuana River Valley

Monday, October 9, 2017

SB 507 by Senator Hueso & Assemblymember Gloria Signed into Law, Bill Provides State Funding to Help Address Sewage Spills 

SACRAMENTO, CA – With sewage spills and contamination continuing to occur in the Tijuana River Valley, California Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation that will start to bring some relief. SB 507, authored by California State Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) and principally co-authored by California State Assemblymember Todd Gloria (D-San Diego), will provide $2.1 million in state funding for improvement efforts in the Tijuana River Valley.

It is my continued goal to protect my district from the disastrous effects these sewage spills have on health, water quality and the economy,” said Senator Ben Hueso. “I thank the Governor for signing this legislation so that we can begin working on long-term solutions to finally put an end to this issue that has long plagued our communities.”

The contamination of the Tijuana River Valley has plagued this region for decades and it’s negatively impacted the health and quality-of-life for Coronado and Imperial Beach residents. Something has to be done and that is why I’m grateful Governor Brown signed SB 507,” said Assemblymember Todd Gloria. “SB 507 starts us on a path toward a permanent solution. I remain committed to working with local and federal partners to ensure our beaches and waterways are clean and safe for all San Diegans.”

SB 507 authorizes the use of $2.1 million under the Wildlife, Coastal, and Park Land Conservation Act for the purpose of development, rehabilitation, protection, and restoration efforts in the Tijuana River Valley. The bill will also update the Tijuana River Valley Recovery Strategy to prudently address wastewater runoff and assess the feasibility of building structures to capture trash, sediments, and sewage from Mexico.

In February, a massive wastewater spill that lasted for two weeks occurred in the Tijuana River Valley Initial reports estimated over 143 million gallons of sewage were discharged. This spill promoted the closure of beaches in Imperial Beach and Coronado. As recently as August, reports indicated another 670,000 gallons had spilled into the area.

SB 507 takes effect immediately following the Governor’s signature.