Getting Things Done: Assemblymember Gloria’s Legislative Package Clears Key Senate Committee

Friday, August 17, 2018

Gloria Demonstrates Legislative Effectiveness as his Legislative Agenda Passes Senate Appropriations Committee

SACRAMENTO, CA – In only his second year in the California State Legislature, California State Assemblymember Todd Gloria (D-San Diego) has once again demonstrated his legislative effectiveness as his 2018 legislative package received the approval of the Senate Appropriations Committee and now heads to the Senate Floor.   

I came to Sacramento to get things done and deliver results for San Diegans. We have big and important challenges that must be addressed, and I believe our legislative package makes real progress to tackle those challenges,” said Assemblymember Todd Gloria. “The passage of these bills by the Senate Appropriations Committee marks a crucial step in the legislative process, and I am grateful for my colleagues’ support in the Senate. There is still more to do, but I am looking forward to getting these bills across the finish line and to the Governor.”

Among the Gloria bills approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee are:

  • AB 3061: State highway property leases – EZ 8 Motel in San Diego.

    This bill would permit Caltrans to lease the state-owned property at 4747 Pacific Highway to the City of San Diego for $1 for the purposes of emergency shelter and feeding programs to serve San Diego’s homeless.
  • AB 2836: Native American artifact repatriation.

This bill would require the University of California (UC) to update their processes on repatriation of Native American remains and artifacts. UC’s are home to some of the largest collections of Native American remains; however, their compliance with repatriating these historical remains and artifacts has been inconsistent. This bill would provide repatriation standards the UC must adopt and streamline requests from tribes.

  • AB 2103: Regulating concealed carry weapons.

This bill would enact common sense minimum training standards for concealed carry weapons (CCW) permits in California. Specifically, this bill would require all CCW applicants to participate in eight hours of training and perform a live-fire shooting exercise to demonstrate safe-handling proficiency. 

  • AB 2064: Disadvantaged community water grants.

This bill would ensure that non-profit organizations and communities could successfully finance and complete water projects for disadvantaged communities. Specifically, AB 2064 provides a statutory framework for advanced disbursement of payments for grant awards under the Integrated Water Management Grant program so non-profits and other organizations can receive the necessary financial assistance and flexibility to complete needed water projects.

These bills join 10 other bills authored by Assemblymember Gloria already on the Senate Floor – including:

  • AB 1248 – preserving the right of California students to wear cultural adornments at graduation.
  • AB 2099 -- mental health evaluations in detention facilities.
  • AB 2119 – ensuring transgender foster youth can access healthcare services consistent with their gender identity. 
  • AB 2372 -- spurring the production of low and middle-income affordable housing units near mass transit.
  • AB 2894 – standardizing academic policies regarding military leave at California State Universities so that students remain in good standing when called to active duty.
  • AB 2949 – requiring school districts to allow students to complete the school year amid a change of residence because of a parent’s military orders.
  • AB 3131 – promoting transparency in law enforcement’s acquisition of military equipment.

The legislative deadline for all bills to be sent to the Governor is August 31, 2018.