Assemblymember Gloria Stands Up for Animal Rights, Votes to Support California’s Proposed Fur Ban

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Gloria Supports Bill to Ban Sale, Manufacture of Animal Fur Products

SACRAMENTO, CA – Assembly Bill 44 (AB 44), the proposed prohibition of animal fur products in California, cleared its first committee hearing today in the Assembly’s Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee. As a member of the Committee, California State Assemblymember Todd Gloria (D-San Diego) voted to support the measure, siding with animal rights and against animal cruelty.

Californians love their animals and wildlife. Skinning animals or farming fur for fashion or other accessories is contrary to those values, and I believe it’s no longer necessary in a 21st century society,” said Assemblymember Todd Gloria. “It’s clear Californians want us to lead on this issue and that is what we are doing with AB 44. I am proud to support this measure and I look forward to its success in the weeks ahead.”

AB 44 would make it illegal to sell or manufacture products in California using raw animal fur for the purposes of clothing or fashion accessories. The bill excludes fur products used for religious, tribal, cultural, or spiritual purposes. It also does not include skins that are going to be converted to leather and is not intended to apply to sheep or wool.

AB 44 is authored by Assemblymember Laura Friedman (D-Glendale). The full text of the bill can be found here. The bill is now headed to the Assembly Judiciary Committee for review.