Assemblymember Gloria Reacts to Assembly’s Historic Passage of Cash Money Bail Reform

Monday, August 20, 2018

California State Assembly Passes Landmark Legislation, SB 10, to End Money Bail in California

SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, the California State Assembly voted to approve legislation that would eliminate the money bail system in California. SB 10 was approved by the Assembly with a vote of 41-27. California State Assemblymember Todd Gloria (D-San Diego), co-author of SB 10, issued this statement following the bill’s passage:

“Today marks a significant paradigm shift in California and a major step toward a fairer and more just criminal justice system in this state.

“California’s current cash money bail system is flawed. It unnecessarily penalizes poor people who cannot afford the high-cost of bail and it does not make our communities any safer. SB 10 provides us the opportunity to move toward a smarter, more just system that can make sure high-risk offenders remain behind bars and low-level offenders are not held in custody simply because of their inability to pay.

“As a co-author of SB 10, I am proud to support this bill and be part of the coalition that stood up to lead California toward a system that will get us closer to our nation’s pledge of liberty and justice for all.”

With the Assembly’s approval of SB 10 today, the bill will return to the Senate for concurrence on amendments before heading to the Governor’s desk. All bills must be sent to Governor Brown by August 31, 2018.