Assemblymember Gloria Praises Del Mar Fair Board’s Action to Limit Gun Shows at Fairgrounds

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Gloria Expresses Confidence in Fair Board’s Ability to Address Impending Issues on Gun Shows, Still Willing to Introduce State Legislation

SAN DIEGO, CA – Today, the 22nd District Agricultural Association Board of Directors, the oversight body of the Del Mar Fairgrounds, approved a recommendation to not consider new gun show contracts until the Association could adopt a thorough policy on the issue. Following the action, California State Assemblymember Todd Gloria (D-San Diego), who represents the Del Mar and surrounding areas in the Assembly, issued this statement:

I want to thank the 22nd District Agricultural Association Board of Directors for their action today to limit gun shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds until a thorough policy is adopted. While I recognize this is a tough and often contentious issue, I believe we are now headed in the right direction thanks to the leadership of this Board.

As government officials, I believe it is our duty to take public safety into account at the highest level. Regrettably, what we see nationwide today is a seeming inescapable link between the continued prevalence of gun violence and the number of guns in our communities. We witnessed this just one week ago at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

It is still my firm belief that the State of California, and the Del Mar Fairgrounds by extension, should not be complicit in, or facilitate the sale of, firearms. I am confident the 22nd DAA Board will address the impending issues surrounding gun shows at the Fairgrounds, but I remain ready and willing to introduce state legislation should that become necessary.”    

The 22nd District Agricultural Association manages and operates the Del Mar Fairgrounds as well as the Horsepark and Del Mar Golf Center on behalf of the State of California.