10News: Assemblyman Todd Gloria vows to attack TJ sewage problem

Saturday, May 13, 2017
As excerpted from KGTV 10 News:

Imperial Beach still reeling from sewage spill

IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. (KGTV) - The 200-million-gallons of sewage that spilled in Mexico in February continues to contaminate water in the South Bay.

Friday, Assemblyman Todd Gloria took a sewage tour along the Tijuana River to find a solution. 

Residents in the South Bay still aren't happy. "I can't even enjoy my own beach," said Ginger Sacco. "That's not fair. Not at all." Beaches have been closed for months after that big sewage spill earlier this year. Ginger Sacco sent us this video of what appears to be purple water flowing in from the border. She says it came from a border patrol agent.

"He said it was just horrendous," said Sacco. "The smell, like it says in the video, if there was 'Smellivision,' like a scratch and sniff, you could really tell how horrible it is."

10News showed Assemblyman Gloria that video during his tour of the Tijuana River Valley.

"This is exactly why we're here," said Gloria. "This is the kind of stuff that people are seeing on a frequent basis here."