Assisting Asylum Seekers


The federal government’s failure to appropriately address immigration has created a crisis at California’s border with Mexico, and once again, California is being called on to pick up the pieces.

Every day, families fleeing violence arrive in our communities seeking a better life, only to be sent out on the streets with little to no support from the government.  
Local community-based organizations have stepped in to provide refugees with basic assistance, including food and shelter. However, these organizations cannot continue to provide these much-needed services with limited financial resources. Every day that the Network operates with limited funding is another day that refugee families struggle to obtain basic human needs. 
California can and must act immediately to provide support for these families.
Governor Newsom has proposed $5 million in aid to these underserved communities for fiscal year 2018-2019. My colleagues and I applaud the Governor for acknowledging the desperate need for financial assistance. Now the Legislature is acting to provide immediate financial relief to the safety-net of non-profit organizations that have stepped up to help. 

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