• Eduardo Martinez, Chief of Staff
    (Business and Professions, Governmental Organization, Labor and Employment, Transportation, and Utilities and Energy).
  • Sonja Palladino, Legislative Director
    (Commerce and Conveyance, Housing and Community Development,Natural Resources, Insurance/Worker's Comp., Local Government, Privacy and Consumer Protection, Revenue and Taxation, and Water, Parks, and Wildlife).
  • Jennifer Lopez, Legislative Assistant
    (Agriculture, Arts/Entertainment/Sports/Tourism, Banking and Finance, Education, Elections and Redistricting, Higher education, and Jobs/Economic Development).
  • Juan Reyes, Legislative Assistant
    (Accountability and Administrative Review, Aging and Long-Term Care, Health, Human Services, Judiciary, Public safety, and Veterans Affairs).
  • Amy Sandoval, Capitol Scheduler.



  • Stephen Hill, District Director
    (Arts and culture, Banking and Finance, Budget, Business and Professions, Environment/Natural Resources, Franchise Tax Board, Housing and Community Development, Labor and Employment, and Transportation. COMMUNITIES: Balboa Park, Burlingame, City of Del Mar, and City of Solana Beach).
  • Nick Serrano, Communications Director
    (Communications and media relations, Corrections and rehabilitation, Education, Public safety, State courts, and Tribal affairs. COMMUNITIES: Bankers Hill, Downtown, East Village, Hillcrest, Little Italy, Mission Hills, North Park, South Park, and University Heights).
  • Adriana Martinez, Field Representative
    (Aging and Long-Term Care, ADA, District scheduling, Heath/Medi-CAL, Homelessness, Human services, LGBT, Social services, and Worker's compensation. COMMUNITIES: Midway District, Mission Beach, Morena District, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Point Loma, and the City of Imperial Beach).
  • Javier Gomez, Field Representative
    (Alcohol/Beverage Control, DMV, Insurance, Internships, Utilities and Energy, and Veterans Affairs. COMMUNITIES: Clairemont, College Area West, Kensington, La Jolla, Mission Valley, Normal Heights, Old Town, Talmadge, University City, and the City of Coronado).