2018 Legislation

AB 1248 – Cultural Adornments at Graduation Ceremonies

Prohibits school districts from adopting and enforcing dress code policies that prevent students from wearing cultural, ceremonial, or religious adornments at graduation ceremonies. Read the full bill here.
STATUS: Signed.

AB 1406 – School District Leases

Authorizes school boards to enter into joint-occupancy leases for up to 99 years, which increases the feasibility of school districts to complete workforce housing projects on unused land, create a steady income stream, and diversify the projects that school districts can enter into. Read the full bill here.
STATUS: Signed.

AB 2064 – Disadvantaged Community Grant Awards

Ensures small non-profit organizations and communities could successfully finance and complete water projects for vulnerable populations through the Integrated Regional Water Management Grant award program, which provides up to $1 million to project proponents. Read the full bill here.
STATUS: Vetoed.

AB 2099 – 5150 holds

When a person is placed on a 5150 hold, whether by law enforcement or a person designated by the County, they need to be transferred to a psychiatric facility. Previous law required original paperwork with a wet signature in order for the patient to move through the healthcare system. This bill established that a copy of the 5150 paperwork shall be treated like the original document. Read the full bill here.
STATUS: Signed.

AB 2103 – Gun Safety Requirements for Concealed Carry Weapon Licenses

Under prior California state law, it was permissible for an individual who has never fired a gun to carry a concealed, loaded handgun in public. Further, prior state law did not mandate a minimum safety training requirement. This bill set a minimum eight hour training requirement for individuals seeking a CCW license, which includes instruction on safe handling and shooting technique, a live-fire requirement, and overall safe handling of the firearm. Read the full bill here.
STATUS: Signed.

AB 2119 – Transgender Youth in the Welfare System

California transgender and gender nonconforming youth are overrepresented in the foster care system. This bill ensures that those youth have the right to access gender affirming mental and behavioral health care services that are consistent with established standards of care. Read the full bill here.
STATUS: Signed.

AB 2146 – Petco Park: Tied House restrictions

This bill extends an existing exception in the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act (Act) pertaining to the general prohibition against advertising arrangements between retail, wholesale, and manufacturer licensees to include Petco Park. Providing an exception for Petco Park is consistent with what other arenas and stadiums in California have been granted through similar legislative approval. Read the full bill here.
STATUS: Signed.

AB 2372 – California’s Sustainable and Affordable (CASA) Housing Act

AB 2372 incentivizes the production of affordable workforce and low income housing along transit priority corridors by creating a new statewide opt-in program. The CASA Housing Act provides an alternative building intensity-based system to calculate the amount of allowable residential units. This measure increases housing affordability without the use of publically-funded dollars. Read the full bill here.
STATUS: Signed.

AB 2836 – Honoring Native American Remains and Artifacts

Although California has the largest number of Native American tribes and the largest Native American population of any state, our premier public university system is failing to honor Native American tribal remains and artifacts by repatriating these items to their cultural ancestors. This bill would require the University of California to update and modernize processes for the repatriation of Native American artifacts and remains, consistent with the federal Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. Read the full bill here.
Status: Signed.

AB 2894 – College Student Military Withdrawal

California’s public postsecondary universities do not have a uniform policy in place for addressing academic leaves of absence or withdrawal for students ordered to active military duty. This bill protects military students’ academic efforts and good standing by expanding course grading options when called to serve. These options include the ability for a final grade to be granted upon completing 75% of the course and an extension to complete course requirements upon returning to campus if a grade of incomplete is assigned. Read the full bill here.
Status: Signed.

AB 2898 – City Emergency Declaration Renewals

Current law allows local governments to declare and adopt local city emergency declarations via ordinances. Local governing bodies are required to renew these emergency declarations at least once every thirty days until the ordinance is rescinded. AB 2898 saves taxpayer dollars and increases government efficiency at the city and county levels by extending the emergency declaration renewal requirement to sixty days. Read the full bill here.
Status: Signed.

AB 2949 – Educational Stability for Military Children

United States active duty service members typically receive a Permanent Change of Station every three to four years due to mission and training requirements. AB 2949 would minimize additional school disruptions for military students by giving military families the option of completing the remaining academic years at their school of original enrollment and matriculating to their original feeder school. Read the full bill here.
Status: Signed.

AB 2982 – North County Transit District (NCTD)

NCTD offers services that are a vital part of San Diego’s regional transportation network. It moves approximately 11 million passengers annually by providing public transportation for North San Diego County. AB 2982 establishes a channel of communication regarding maintenance, expansion, and other actions of the board by creating a seat (ex officio) for a San Diego City representative on the North County Transit District Board of Directors. Read the full bill here.
Status: Signed.

AB 3061 – San Diego Caltrans Lease

This bill allows the City of San Diego to lease Caltrans property, located at 4747 Pacific Highway in San Diego, for $1 for the purposes of providing emergency shelter and feeding programs. Read the full bill here.
Status: Signed.

AB 3131 – Transparent acquisition of surplus military equipment

President Obama recognized the need to improve Federal support for the appropriate use, acquisition, and transfer of controlled equipment by law enforcement agencies. Under his Executive Order #13688, stakeholders convened and developed a number of recommendations to, among other things, harmonize federal acquisition processes. Yet, last August under the current federal administration, Executive Order #13688 was rescinded along with any semblance of oversight of the 1033 Program.  AB 3131 is necessary because the lack of a public forum to discuss the acquisition of military equipment jeopardizes the relationship police have with the community which can be undermined when law enforcement is seen as an occupying force rather than a public safety service. Read the full bill here.
Status: Vetoed.

ACR 173 – Little Saigon

This measure designates specified exits on State Route 15 and Interstate 8 in the County of San Diego for reaching the cultural landmark, the “Little Saigon Cultural and Commercial District.” Read the full bill here.
Status: Passed.

ACR 258 – PrEP/PEP

This measure designates August 16, 2018 as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Awareness Day in California to enhance public awareness of comprehensive human immunodeficiency virus prevention strategies. Read the full bill here.
Status: Passed.