2017 Legislation

California State Assemblymember Todd Gloria is proud to author the
following legislation for the 2017 legislative session:


AB 187 – The Public’s Right to Know Act

Increases transparency in local elections and helps voters understand who is supporting or opposing the qualification of local ballot measures. AB 187 would require recipient committees to file disclosures within 10 days of spending $5,000 or more on local initiatives or referendums. Read the full bill here.


AB 228 – Autographed Memorabilia

Reduces burdens on small businesses, protects consumer privacy, and increases consumer protections for Californians who purchase autographed collectibles. Read the full bill here.


AB 233 – Cultural Diversity at Graduation Ceremonies

AB 233 protects a student’s right to recognize their cultural heritage at graduation ceremonies. It would prohibit school districts from adopting or enforcing dress code policies that prevent students from wearing cultural, ceremonial, or religious adornments at graduation ceremonies. Read the full bill here.


AB 593 – The PESTS Act

Extends the sunset date of the Structural Fumigation Enforcement Program, which enhances the safety and habitability of residential and commercial buildings in Los Angeles, Orange, Santa Clara, and San Diego County via fumigation inspection and enforcement services. Read the full bill here.


AB 607 – Community Resiliency and Disaster Preparedness Act of 2017

Protects low-income families and people who are elderly or disabled from increased hunger or hardship during states of emergency. AB 607 ensures recipients of CalWORKS and CalFresh can maintain their benefits during and after a disaster or emergency. Read the full bill here.


AB 747 – Electronic Property Tax Payments

Updates California law to reflect the improvement in our electronic payment systems and ensures our statute keeps pace with recent technological advances in electronic payment systems to help taxpayers pay their taxes more quickly and efficiently. Read the full bill here.


AB 901 – Increasing Civic Participation in San Diego County elections

Increases voter participation and eliminates voter confusion by allowing elections in San Diego County to be conducted in a similar manner as San Diego’s Mayor, members of Congress, and President. Read the full bill here.


AB 967 – Water Cremation

Makes available to consumers an environmentally responsible alternative to fire cremation. AB 967 expands the allowable uses of the alkaline hydrolysis process, also commonly known as water cremation, to include use for after-life care. Read the full bill here.


AB 1134 – Mental Health Fellowship

Authorizes the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission to establish a fellowship program for mental health consumers and mental health professionals. AB 1134 ensures the needs of mental health consumers are met by providing them with an opportunity to engage in the policy-making process.  Read the full bill here.


AB 1151 – The Vaquita Protection Act

Takes steps to protect the rare vaquita porpoise from extinction. AB 1151 prohibits the sale and consumption of fish products that are not vaquita-friendly in California. Read the full bill here.


AB 1165 – Property Tax Relief to Families of Disabled Children

AB 1165 would assist families with disabled children to be able to relocate to homes that are better suited for their child’s disability by expanding the existing property tax relief provision that allows eligible families to transfer the base-year value of the principal resident to a replacement dwelling. Read the full bill here.


AB 1193 – Stabilizing Affordable Housing Finances

Ensures that affordable housing properties building with low-income housing tax credits have a consistent level of property tax, allowing them to plan for future maintenance, capital repairs, and loan requirements. Read the full bill here.


AB 1406 – The Homeless Youth Housing Program

Establishes the State’s Homeless Youth Housing Program with the goal of reducing the number of youth experiencing homelessness, and of promoting their long-term economic security and self-sufficiency. Read the full bill here.


AB 1505 – Local Discretion in Inclusionary Housing Programs

Restores the long-standing authority of local governments to choose to require the inclusion of affordable rental units in new housing policies. Read the full bill here.


AB 1637 – The Missing Middle Housing Act

Promotes the production of workforce housing by authorizing a housing authority to develop and finance mixed-income housing projects, which include at least 40% of units which are affordable to low-income individuals. Read the full bill here


AJR 6 – The Letter Carrier Act

Encourages Congress to require the United States Postal Service to reinstate service standards in effect before 2012, which would involve reopening distribution centers, returning Priority Mail to its overnight delivery standards, and continuing six-day door-to-door mail delivery. This would ensure that the Postal Service can serve all Americans in an expedient and effective manner. Read the full bill here.


SB 239 – Modernization of HIV Criminal Law

Bring parity to existing laws regarding other communicable diseases by reducing penalties to a misdemeanor, rather than a felony, to transmit any disease that is determined to have significant, long-term consequences on the physical health and life activities of the person affected. Read the full bill here.


SB 507 – Tijuana River Valley

Amends the Wildlife, Coastal, and Park Land Conservation Act to authorize the money granted to the County of San Diego to be available for the development, rehabilitation, protection, and restoration, including studies of natural lands in the Tijuana River Valley. Read the full bill here.